About small villages and heaps of cow dung!

Hola everyone,

It is a bright sunny Saturday afternoon in Sarria and we´re in a lovely hostel which Marieke was referred to by the wellknown Camino character Jesus Arrias from Ave Fenix alberge in Villa Franca. He gave her a lift from there to Sarria two days ago and the rooms are wonderfully clean and spacious and price still only 9 Euros per person. She managed to book a room for 3 for myself, Leonie and Calvin. They are arriving by bus tonight at about 9pm and I have to go get them from the bus station. The room is so big (only 3 beds – which I am not used to!) that I was nervously circling about in the room for about half an hour after arrival, not knowing what I should be doing with all the space! One thing is for sure: you can´t have a problem with sharing living space on the Camino. I feel a bit overwhelmed today!

Marieke and Sybil just popped in at the bar I´m sitting at on the internet (same owner as the hostel) and they´re already ordering a cold San Miguel serveza. I must admit we really are drinking a considerable volume of alcohol on the Camino, but for some peculiar reason there is just no impact as at home. Either the alcohol volume is not as high as the wine and beer at home or we´re developing into really strong drinkers!! Pilgrim meals normally come with full bottle of wine – whether you´re eating as two people together or 5 – and they keep on replenishing!! We are also really hungry at night and easily consume a 3 course meal most days while still losing weight. At almost any price a bargain!

Well, today started off really cold and rainy, but turned out to be a nice and relatively short walk from Triacastella to Sarria. Due to road works on the longer route we took the short section of 18kms and already reached Sarria at 11am. We usually start walkign at 6am, regardless of the distance to be covered in the day. Marieke was sitting outside the alberge waiting for us and it was great to see her again after having walked without her for 3 days. She has rested out as doctor prescribed, putting ice on the swollen feet, etc and we hope that all will be well and that she will complete her Camino and get her credential in Santiago on 23 June, which is when we plan to finish. It was very tough for her to spend the 3 days waiting in Sarria, but now we must focus on taking each day as it comes and at a steady pace so that we do not have any other injuries. We´ve had lots of downhill walking in the past 3 days and I had to be extremely careful with my knee. I continue to walk with the knee-guard thingy strapped on, just in case.

Today was another day of passing through small villages with main street (in fact all streets) practically covered in cow dung! Just amazing. No wonder you´re not allowed to take your hiking boots off in the rooms where everyone sleeps – must be due to cow dung issues. We also walked for almost 3 hours before we eventually stumbled upon a village with an open bar serving coffee. The first ´cafe con leche´ of the day is a real highlight and we normally walk without stop to the first available bar for a coffee and sock change. Was a challenge with this only coming up almost over halfway through our walk this morning. But we made it and it was good break from the walking and the cow dung!

I´m now off to enjoy a beer in the back garden and working on my tan. Sorry – I know you´re suffering in cold and rain back in the Cape! 🙂

I really want to post more pics, but this pc doesn´t have the memory card socket option! Eish – I don´t have lots to joy with the pics postings. Will try my best though. Maybe my older pics now on cd can be posted.

Wishing you all well and adios from Sarria!

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