Almost halfway

Hola all,

I´m posting from a small room in the Santa Maria alberge in Carrion de los Condes. It is run by nuns and at the moment I´m in a room between the lovely cooking smells from the kitchen and the sounds of singing and guitar playing by the nuns. Peculiar places we find ourselves in.

The walking has been tough the last few days. I last posted when we were in San Juan (I think!) and since then we´ve passed through various towns and stayed in Burgos, Hontanas and Boadilla. Very few small towns have internet options in the alberge or even in the bars and sometimes you have to wait to get onto the computer.

My left knee is better with the brace on, but in the past two days I´ve developed a pain in my lower shin – possibly from overstraining in when walking too long distance per day. Sybil and I have caught up with Marieke in Carrion today and I think we will now hopefully keep to the set John Brierley schedule. There is a reason why we have to break after certain distances in a day! We learn the hard way. I also unfortunately developed my first blister (on right heel) today. I was so hoping I can get through full Camino without blisters and feet were doing so well so far! Oh well, I just had to do the needle & thread thing and nearly tipped a quarter of mercurochrone over myself in the process of getting my heel disinfected. Will teach me not to treat blisters sitting on the 2nd bed level without flat surface.

The walking and time-out is peaceful and the people are all really amazing. Last night we had such a special pelegrino meal in an alberge in Boadilla – such caring, generous and gracious people I´ve never met before! Well, tomorrow we´re officially halfway with our distance when we reach Terradillos (26,8km walk tomorrow). From there we will have tow more days before we reach Leon with a rest day to do some sightseeing. Leon is one of the bigger places we pass through (like Burgos and Logrono were) and there are lots to see and well worth a stop over.

I wish you all well in what I hear is a very cold and rainy Cape Town. We´ve been very lucky with the weather with only two really cold days with one day of rain while we walked. The days are mostly overcast in the morning and then opens up to bright sunshine and high temperatures afterwhich there is normally a thunderstorm in the afternoon. By that time we´re had our beer for ´lunch´ and enjoying a short sleep before going out for dinner in the evening. It is now 6.30pm and I must close off to get to dinner.

Wishing you well and a great rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “Almost halfway

  1. sounds like you are really having a good time,all is well at the hotel,baie stil and the weather is ecrutiating.Atleast the weather is fine there,I don’t think it would have been nice if it was cold and wet.Good luck with the knee,”i know how that feels”,and the blisters! that’s something else,but never the less the show must go on…..bye for now!

  2. Well when you get to 3/4 of the way we should be with you. I will bring an english book to read to quench your thirst. Still waiting for the visa, but trust it will be OK!
    We should catch up with you by 20th the latest and do the last 5 day and the trip to the end of the earth “Finneesterre”. And importantly the tango on Wednesday 29th in Madrid.
    See you soon
    Buen Camino amigo

  3. Vasbyt ou – jy is mos ‘n sterk baba! Neem foto’s en drink die mooi in! Ek begin vandag oor 3 weke met Kili! Go girl Go!

    1. Sjoe! Bly om van jou te hoor. Het baie gedink aan jou Kili storie en hoop jy is 100% reg daarvoor. Ek glo tog jy sal wees en jy het genoeg stamina om die ding flou te veg. Ons kuier weer saam op die ´flipside´!! M

  4. If its a choice between the nun’s food or singing I’d be hard pressed to choose but after a long walk I think the food would win!
    Have hilarious images wandering through my mind of a mecurocromed Marlize on bed 2 with a bulging blister staring back at her, determined not to be popped! 😉 Always fun where you are!
    Love and blessings

  5. Hi Marlize.

    The blessing in a blister is ……….. being ABLE to feel the pain. Our feet and the pain, is the blessing. A dear friend of mine always comments on why he misses blisters, he was a professional ballet dancer and was paralysed in a car crash. His feeet, from dancing, were often covered in blisters !!

    “Wear and endure your blisters whole heartedly” is what he says to me and so I say that to you. I know that probably wont carry enough weight when you are being slowed down with that nagging pain in your feet haha

    Love your journey – your writing allows us to experience it with you !!


    1. Thanks Amanda! Great comment on the blister thing and sure worth pondering about along the way. The Camino does get you to a point where you appreciate the very basics and also ´walk through the pain´ where necessary. This comment gives another perspective – to be thankful even in the pain because you can still feel it! Thanks for following the blog. 🙂 M

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