Almost there!

Howzit all!

Just felt like greeting in a typical South African way as ´hola´ is becoming over-used. Since my previous blog reinforcements have arrived in the form of Leonie and Calvin and they are getting into the Spanish swing of things on the Camino. I can report that both have expressed their amazement at what we´ve actually accomplished – walking along all the way from the South of France to almost on the West coast of Spain under some challenging conditions at times. I think we´ve become used to the daily routine and challenges, but for them it is still a new experience and adjustment. We´re happy to have them with us on the last few days. Calvin´s had some trouble with his one foot, but Leonie is walking fine at this stage. She has finally admitted this evening that she is a bit stiff after our walk of 26km today! I want to say ´Goed so!´, but I won´t. 🙂

Leonie has true Survivor style brought some ´luxury items´ and to my shock it has included a hair dryer (I kid you not!), Badedas for showering and some perfume. I was flabbergasted!!!! For a pelegrino who considers and reconsiders every single item in the backpack according to weight impact it is totally unthinkable to be carrying a hairdryer. There are times that we don´t even buy soap, but rather wash with shampoo to keep weight down. Eish – I will somehow have to work through the shame and embarrassment she´s brought onto the family!! On Calvin´s side we´re still trying to figure out why his bag is so heavy. Some info has come to light and it relates to dancing shoes (for Tango in Madrid) and also Game and packs of raisons. Aai, these South Africans!

We just had a meal and I´m grabbing the opportunity to get onto the internet as most of the afternoon a Dutch lady was occuping the internet point and of course as per Murphy´s law she was one of those dreaded óne finger typers´! Nothing worse. I was waiting and waiting and reading my book, but later it was time for dinner so I just gave up. Can you believe, the young Spanish waiter has just advised that the internet will shut down in about 5 minutes, although I have 6 left on the clock. Must go quickly now – happy that I´m not a one-finger-typer.

Today was misty and cool all along the route, but we had a good walking day. Calvin brought my MP4 along and I could have some music on my ears for the last section of road – I think I walked the fastest I´ve done so far on the Camino and loved having a great mix of Lady Antebellum, Anna Davel and even Gaither vocal band to walk to. Was great!! One can only cope with your own thoughts (or no thoughts) for so long!

Tomorrow is another 26km and then the last two days just over 20km and into Santiago on 23rd of June. Finally – reaching our destination!

The waiter is looking at me with a frown, I have to close. We´re doing well (oh, and Marieke also walking again) and enjoying the daily routine.

Have a great evening all! Must go sit in the sun now with my book!

3 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Hi M, Sorry but this is the first time I am commenting……..truly sounds like an amazing experience (except for one finger typists :-)). Actually I was wondering about the main features of this ‘stappie’ – it actually sounds like food (with a bit of booze) – which I must add makes it all the more appealing. But enjoy it – big time. All the Best Craig

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thank you so much for your message! Was beginning to think all of DVH and HS&V in general have forgotten me as I´m out of circulation for so long. 🙂 Hope rooms are getting filled up. Saw the specials going out and posted on FB. Yes, we are having loads of leisure time and enjoying the local food (no, I didn´t have Ribadiso´s octopus last night!) and of course the wine. Stunning wines in Rioja region especially. But then again, anything will taste good to a desperately hungry and thirsty pilgrim! I think you would enjoy a Camino – for many reasons. Hope you are planning for a good getaway break time. Will see you all back at DVH in July. Now we only have one day´s walk left to Santiago – hopefully finishing off at about 11am tomorrow, in time for the noon Pilgrims´mass in the cathedral.
      Take care,

  2. Mooiloop? Its you who’s walking! I’m sitting on my butt being thankful its not me! High heels not suitable for such sport!
    No long now!
    Love and blessings

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