Back in the (new ‘normal’) swing of things!

Hi everyone,

Long time no blog! It has now been just over a month since I’ve returned to South Africa and I’ve found it quite a big adjustment after 40 days out of the country and the amazing, life-changing experience of the Camino. I am adding some more Camino photographs for you to enjoy and will add others in a seperate post with specific focus on our time in Madrid and Fisterre. I have posted quite a lot of photos (149!) on my Facebook page as well and you’re welcome to view the photos there: Enjoy!

I’ve just received a wonderful newsy email from my one Camino amigo, Sybil, and she shared about the challenges she’s experienced coming back after the walk, but also the wonderful memories of the time we had there. We were really fortunate to walk the route and have the time and finances to create that space for ourselves to simply enjoy and celebrate life in absolute simplicity as we were able to do in Spain. Just thinking about it takes me back to those few weeks of life-changing and in fact life-saving tranquility and space. I will share some more of our experiences with you in blog posts to come.

Thank you for keeping in touch and I look forward to your comments and feedback!
Best wishes & Buen Camino,

2 thoughts on “Back in the (new ‘normal’) swing of things!

  1. You had lots of fun etc but I for one am REALLY GLAD that you are back. Missed you! On the other hand, I am glad you had the time to totally break away and center yourself again. Everyone needs that every now and then and you seldom allow yourself the opportunity. So – well done! 🙂
    Love and blessings

    1. Thanks Jayne! I think a better ‘version’ of myself came back and I was just really privileged to have the time and finance to do the trip. I still need to do that coffee kuier with you!

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