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Back in the (new ‘normal’) swing of things!

Hi everyone, Long time no blog! It has now been just over a month since I've returned to South Africa and I've found it quite a big adjustment after 40 days out of the country and the amazing, life-changing experience of the Camino. I am adding some more Camino photographs for you to enjoy and will add others in a seperate post with specific focus on our time in Madrid and Fisterre. I have post...
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Final days in Madrid

Hallo everyone, I´ve not posted for a while and thought I must quickly find an internet cafe to send an update on the goings on with the SA pilgrims. We arrived in Madrid early on Sunday morning by overnight Alsa bus and were fortunate enough to find an agent at the main station who could help us with accommodation booking in the city. We got two double rooms at about 22 Euro each per night in ...
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Finally in Fisterra

Hola all, Just a quick post to say that we made it - all 5 of us and got to Santiago at about 10.30am yesterday. We managed to get to our alberge and leave our bags there and still be in time for mass in the cathedral at 12h00. We were all a bit disappointed with the cathedral as there are literally bus loads full of tour groups going through as well as the pilgrims and general visitors and it is...
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How to confuse a Pilgrim!

Hola everyone, The answer to this blog post title question is very simple: change a village´s name (or add a new name to existing village) and tell all the locals to call it by its new name and disregard direction to old village name related questions by pilgrims!!! Instant confusion. We had a classic example of this today. For some reason we raced through today´s distance again by completing it ...
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Slowly shutting down

Hola all, We find ourselves in Ribadiso de Baixo today after another 26km walk. Day started out well with all evidence of a great, sunny day ahead. However, mist came in and for most of the day we were walking in mist or cloudy weather. It was a good day´s walk although we may have started too fast again. You´d think we would have learnt by now! However, the reinforcements (names will not be ment...
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Almost there!

Howzit all! Just felt like greeting in a typical South African way as ´hola´ is becoming over-used. Since my previous blog reinforcements have arrived in the form of Leonie and Calvin and they are getting into the Spanish swing of things on the Camino. I can report that both have expressed their amazement at what we´ve actually accomplished - walking along all the way from the South of France to...
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