Finally in Fisterra

Hola all,

Just a quick post to say that we made it – all 5 of us and got to Santiago at about 10.30am yesterday. We managed to get to our alberge and leave our bags there and still be in time for mass in the cathedral at 12h00. We were all a bit disappointed with the cathedral as there are literally bus loads full of tour groups going through as well as the pilgrims and general visitors and it is a frenzy of photo taking and hugging of the statue of St James, etc. etc. We were warned that the experience can be disappointing, but it was still something to deal with as we arrived and tried to get to grips with the fact that we were actually finished with our 32 day walk. We´re definitely happy and relieved that we all made it in one piece and we can now relax for the extra few days´sightseeing.

We left Santiago by bus this morning at 10am and arrived in Fisterra at 1pm (or Finnesterre – not sure why different names) and we were treated to the most spectacular coastal scenery in perfect, sunny weather conditions. The ocean is beautiful and the little villages along the coast are stunning. We went into the water and it feels like the Strand in summer time – not cold at all! I was expecting Camp´s Bay water temperature. May even take a swim tomorrow. We have most of tomorrow still to spend here and we will take the overnight bus to Madrid (all except Marieke who will stay on here longer).

Calvin and Leonie just popped out to buy us some wine and nibbles for tonight´s dinner and we will enjoy that at sundown time at the lighthouse of Fisterra (the place where the pilgrims do the burning of their clothes). Not sure if we´ll do that tonight or each on his own tomorrow. It is about a 3km walk there from the alberge, so maybe tonight will be the bonfire time! It is also a time for us to gather our thoughts after the Camino and to spend some time in peace and quiet before going on to the busyness of Madrid and of course home on the 30th.

It has so far been an amazing experience and we are just very grateful for having had the time, finances and health to do this incredible trip and share memorable experiences. Enjoy the photos I posted – it saves me lots of blog posts! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finally in Fisterra

  1. You’re so close to home now I can almost smell your smelly socks! Good idea to burn those! Its okay if its a bit of a downer to finish – that’s what gives you motivation to find the next challenge. Well worth the memories, I’m sure! X

    1. Hi Jayne,
      I eventually left an old T-shirt at Fisterra as my socks were way too expensive to leave! 🙂 There are areas that people have obviously burnt items, but also a sign advising pilgrims not to make fires as it can start a veld fire (also evident from some sections close to the lighthouse at Fisterra). We therefore left our items on a pile under a cross – at the end of the world! My socks have been washed and are 100% good to go for the next Camino!
      I have a few hours left to enjoy Madrid today and tomorrow morning and then back to SA – to cold Cape Town. Will be shock! Look forward to seeing you all and showing you the pics.

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